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TL:DR – PondLeap is ONE! We’ve learned A LOT this last year, and we are happy to announce we are pivoting (as many startups do)! We are building a platform to become the one-stop automated solution to remove red-tape for foreign individuals and companies! Stay tuned for more official announcements and read on to hear a bit more and to see how you can get involved!

Twelve months ago, we decided to take a leap of faith and launch PondLeap with the intention of helping international businesses expand to the United States. Our initial concept helped companies ‘take the leap’ by building out a sales strategy and using a freelance model to test the U.S. market.

As with all startups, our journey has had its ups and downs, but the biggest learning came from listening. We listened to the needs of everyone involved over the last year: from our clients, to our freelancers, to our advisors and beyond. To our surprise, what we discovered was that we were thinking too small. Moving to the U.S. was about so much more than sales, and we were only scratching the surface of the needs of the community. After many brainstorm sessions, strategy meetings, and pivots, we finally landed on (what we lovingly call “PondLeap 2.0”) an automated solution that will fulfill these needs at a massive scale.


WHAT’S NEXT? PondLeap helps international companies and foreign-born individuals wanting to expand and make a move. We do this by understanding their needs, suggesting tasks and matching them with the right partners and resources to seamlessly plan, move, and establish themselves in their new home.

PONDLEAP sets you up for success by automating the tools you need, all in one place, for a smooth international move.

Our new global solution will be an intuitive, inclusive, and a robust one-stop shop for all the needs one can think of when taking a leap of faith and leaving the comforts of home.

As 2020 has shown us, the future of work allows for flexibility, and, unlike before, this locational flexibility can be boundless. Initially, PondLeap is focusing on The United States. We hope to ensure success by removing the red tape to both entering the U.S. as well as to adapting to the nuances of a new country, all while maintaining some semblance of the culture you left behind. Eventually PondLeap will be the go-to platform for all businesses and individuals globally looking to take the leap!

We are just getting started!

We have already started building our new solution and we have just begun our pre-seed round of fundraising. This will enable us to fully build out our solution and to address the needs of so many we have spoken to. We will be partnering with investors who believe in our mission and align with our values.


Do you know someone looking to move or to expand their business?

Have them join our ,waitlist here so they’ll have first access to our marketplace and resources!

Did you or your family emigrate from another country?

We love to hear stories from other foreigners who now call the U.S. their home. Please share your “,Leap Stories” here.

Are you a service provider?

If you offer a service, resource or tool that would be appropriate for a business or individual getting started in the U.S., (operations, real estate/office space, culture, legal, accounting, or employment – to name a few) please fill out a ,Vendor Form so we can see if there may be a partnership opportunity.


We’ve been through a lot to get us here and we know that each milestone was leading us right to this moment and can’t wait to see what’s next!

Over the last 12+ months we have achieved many milestones

    • Became profitable from early on and established a consistent revenue stream
    • Established 12 strategic partnerships
    • Built a diverse and well-rounded Board of Advisors
    • Provided job opportunities to 31 individuals
    • Helped numerous companies gain new clients in America and subsequently grow their revenue stream
    • 90 of our customers were foreign-born or 1st generation
    • 50+ of our freelancers were foreign-born or 1st generation

Over the next 12+ months we have many more milestones to achieve:

    • Launch the first ever one-stop automated platform to support foreigners moving to and adjusting to life in the U.S.
    • Build a large network of trusted partners and allies supporting our mission and our users
    • Expand our offerings to all high-growth cities in the U.S.
    • Create growth plan for global expansion
    • Grow our amazing team and build a world-renowned culture of inclusivity and impact
    • Empower thousands of businesses and individuals with personalized support and access to resources, tools, and partners that will help them succeed.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us on the journey so far… There are WAY too many to name! We can’t wait to show everyone what’s next!