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PondLeap is delighted to announce that we have agreed to become partners with Bench. One of the key factors in managing a business is knowing the difference between tasks that you need to do, and those that can be delegated elsewhere. At PondLeap, we believe this idea wholeheartedly (it is part of the value we offer). In that vein, we have teamed up with Bench to provide small businesses tax preparation and bookkeeping services at a reduced cost. One of our goals has always been to provide the best solutions and service possible to both our clients and freelancers and this is part of why this partnership makes sense.

Bench is one of the leaders in tax preparation and bookkeeping for small businesses across America.  They have a very simple model making it easy for small businesses to ensure their bookkeeping is up to date. For our SMB clients and network who are looking for such services, you can easily connect with someone at Bench and talk through best practices for your business. Use our partner link and automatically get 20 off your first 6 months of bookkeeping services!

James has partnered with Bench in the past, so he was excited to jump on in with them!