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PondLeap and Brightcloud Partners today announced a strategic partnership.

“PondLeap is a freelance sales solution designed to help build sales teams and Brightcloud is one of the most prominent European recruitment firms, so there are a lot of natural synergies. We know that when companies expand into new international markets hiring is the biggest problem and working together here helps the clients” said, James McGuinness, Founder of PondLeap.

McGuinness went on to say “I worked for Paul Speers 15 years ago, I learnt so much from him and he really helped shape my career, so I am delighted we have come full cycle and we can now partner together”.

Mr Speers added “The partnership will ensure that clients looking to expand into new geographic locations have two dedicated teams to help them. Brightcloud can help companies to quickly hire the best full time staff for them in a cost effective and fast manner. PondLeap can help companies find freelance professionals to test any new market and therefore mitigate risks.”

We are looking forward to this partnership blossoming!