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PondLeap and Benefit.Design today announced a strategic partnership.

“PondLeap is a freelance solution designed to help build sales teams and Benefit.Design is a non profit organization designed to help organizations in need with web design, brand and market presence; so, there are a lot of natural synergies” said James McGuinness, Founder of PondLeap.

McGuinness, along with Christina Sterzel, Chief People Officer at PondLeap, will both join the Benefit.Design advisory board as part of the arrangement. Both James and Christina worked with AJ Vetter, Co-Founder of Benefit.Design, previously. “This partnership with PondLeap will help our team in areas where we are not as developed, fundraising, business development, and finance. We could not be happier to work with such a driven, and compassionate team” said co-founder AJ.

McGuinness went on to say “when AJ and I worked together, I was always impressed with the energy he brought to the company and how he went out of his way. One day I found half my team dressed as if they were interviewing. I discovered that AJ was helping them all with their LinkedIn profiles – just because. We are very selective in deciding who we partner with; but, I love what they are doing over there. I really love AJ and feel there are a lot of opportunities to support each other”.

The partnership also extends discounted resources from PondLeap for the companies that work with Benefit.Design, as well as exposure to the PondLeap community of freelancers who may be able to help.

PondLeap Contact: James McGuinness – James@pondleap.com

Benefit.Design Contact: AJ Vetter – AJ@benefit.design