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Ah, America. 244 years ago you gained your independence from good old England. Since then you have grown to like us Brits more and more. From being Hollywood villains, James Bond, The Beatles, Stones, The Who, Pink Floyd, Queen (and many other bands) to Harry Potter, Spice Girls and real football. Some (I) would dare say that now you may actually love the British.  So, to take this one step further – as of today, “The British Are Coming!” rings true once more! But, instead of invading America, this time I am coming to stir up how businesses operate their sales teams.

I had the idea for PondLeap over 8 years ago and have been working on it ever since. Jamie has constantly been listening to these ideas while adding her thoughts to the mix. The name is derived of two ideas and symbolism that means a lot to us:

Pond – as I jumped over the pond to come to America

Leap – to represent trying something new & taking a leap of faith

The lotus flower in our logo – represents the path we have taken in our careers and life in general. Like many people, at times it has been dark and muddy; but, we have been enlightened & regenerated to blossom and grow.

After losing my job last month and everything else going on in the world, Jamie and I decided to take the leap of faith and finally launch our business. I’ve known for years that I could not do this alone and I’m so excited to work with my best friend as we have gone through numerous challenges together and support each other well.

I truly believe we can help both companies and individuals grow which is our core goal.

I was thinking how best to tell the world about our company.

I couldn’t sponsor a float in the 4th of July parade as there is no parade…

I couldn’t put it on the big screen at a baseball game, as stadium sports are on hold…

SO, with the modest (read *lack of*) budget we had we created this video. Enjoy!

Please show us some love and support right now as we embark on this exciting (and totally scary) adventure.

Welcome to PondLeap! Jump On In.

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