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Behind The Lily Pads

About a week ago we launched PondLeap, in possibly the cheesiest way possible (check out the video if you haven’t seen it). We felt however that it was important to write down exactly who we are, what we do and what we stand for to act as a guiding light and a driving force behind everything that we do and every decision we make.


The idea for PondLeap has been swirling around in my mind since at least 2011, if not before. When I started working in 2004 I would often work until midnight so I could sell into the US (from England). When I moved over to America in 2011 I was managing a team in Europe and working from 3am onwards to accommodate. Given these experiences, I have long thought there has to be a better way to operate “across the pond.” nWe are living in strange times, and while this idea has been around for a while, this crazy situation we all find ours in has created a weird perfect storm scenario in which to launch this idea. So here we are! Freelance work is being more recognized (According to UpWork research 35 of the American workforce is now freelance), technology for remote work has advanced, COVID-19 has forced companies to work remotely and restrict travel, the US government is halting work visas and, like myself, many great professionals find themselves out of work.  nSo while it might seem like an insane time to start a business, in reality, it’s never been a more opportune time to bring PondLeap to life.

The name and logo

    • Pond – represents my roots growing up over the pond in England
    • Leap – represents “leaps of faith”
    • Lotus Flower – is an amazing flower that grows in ponds through darkness and mud to blossom into a beautiful flower

What we actually do

In one sentence we are building a unique concept; we are a sales freelancing company essentially looking to disrupt how sales teams are built and operate. Longer term we plan to expand into other functions but for now we are sticking to what we know. We help customers in three ways.

    1. Companies wanting to expand into new markets or launch new products
    2. Build or redesign sales teams
    3. Try before you hire sales professionals full time

Mission and Vision

Mission – “to help professionals and companies grow in a cost effective way while mitigating risk.”

Vision – “is to be the global leader in providing a diverse & premier freelance workforce as well as removing international barriers for expansion.”


While many advised me to worry about values later on, I firmly believe that values are core to a company’s success or failure and therefore need to be stated from the very beginning in order to know that we’re headed in the right direction and not just the easiest. I actually have a pet peeve (and have seen it in action) when a company expresses their values to employees and others but don’t actually adhere to them in practice. This makes them meaningless and a waste of everyone’s time. I have even seen how this can break a culture or a company from the inside out. Therefore to PondLeap these values are our guiding star and true north for every decision going forward.

Last week, Jamie, Christina and myself sat down and brainstormed our values, we also spent time asking all of our individual networks about these values. So without further ado, here they are:

Humans before business

    • We know our employees and freelancers are core to our success
    • We always want them to feel valued
    • We will work to ensure their well being at all times

Diversity, equality and inclusion always

    • We want a diverse workforce including freelancers and will always keep ourselves in check
    • We will not partner with, take investment from or work with any business we believe does not also hold this value, even if that damages us

Follow the golden rule (treat others as you would like to be treated)

    • We will never sell anything customers don’t need
    • We will provide feedback in ways we want to receive it
    • We will always treat customers, freelancers and employees with utmost respect

Take LEAPS of faith

    • We are risk takers by nature but the risks should be calculated
    • We encourage freelancers and employees to take risks
    • But we also all accept that there are times where we must walk away

Drink our own champagne

    • We hire freelancers to work with us
    • We offer full-time employment to freelancers that have tested the water with us
    • We will provide career paths and opportunities for all our freelancers and employees, with the goal being we want them to succeed

 Get sh*t done but respect the balance

    • We respect and encourage the work life balance whatever that means for each person but we always ensure we get the task completed
    • We want to have fun along the way with employees and freelancers
    • We know that we have to pivot and change at times, but we will embrace this to get the task done

Be accountable and reliable

    • We accept we are not perfect and all of us can learn at any point
    • Learn forward, be willing to adapt and change as circumstances change
    • We own our mistakes and communicate them

Be both humble and celebratory

    • Wins will happen and however big or small we will celebrate them
    • But we will also stay humble to who we are and respect where we came from
    • We will not act arrogantly

Wow that was a lot to read and for those of you have read through all of this, thanks! If you want to come to work for us (as a freelancer) or work with us, please feel free to get in touch through our website. Or connect with me or Jamie. Together let’s jump on in!