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PondLeap sets you up for success by automating the tools you need, all in one place, to make your new country feel like home.


We help international companies and individuals looking to emigrate, understand their needs, establish a checklist and take the steps needed to take the leap.

We are building an intuitive solution that tackles these barriers head on. A marketplace designed to aid in the future of work. A community to welcome and engage foreign individuals and businesses.

Evaluation of Needs

Targeted survey will establish where you are in your process, what you need help with and any gaps we uncover

Matching Marketplace

Your personalized checklist is developed matching your needs with our vetted partners who can help you to cross these items off your list

Ongoing Needs Management

Finding jobs, getting set up with a family doctor, purchasing a home or becoming a citizen. We are here to help

About Us

Our Mission

PondLeap’s mission is to help foreign-born individuals and businesses navigate their international move and remove some of the hurdles associated with emigrating to ensure they can feel welcomed and have the ability to succeed.

About Us

Our Vision

PondLeap’s vision is to make the world a little smaller. To embrace different cultures, provide relevant content and generate opportunity on a global scale.

About Us

Our Story

PondLeap has been a work in progress since the idea came to one of our founders, James in 2011 after he took the “leap” across the pond (from England to America). James’ journey was relatively easy. With an American wife, housing secured, and English as his first language, he acclimated quickly to his new country. However, he still faced challenges: missing his home comforts (sports and food), rebuilding his credit score, finding work and building his own community. Throughout the last 10 years he has had bouts of homesickness and different challenges he has had to overcome and navigate on his own.

We quickly realized that if this was so difficult for a white, english speaking man with a job who had housing, internet and other basics sorted out for him – what must it be like for others? So, we listened. And boy, did we learn a lot!

After over 150 conversations with foreign-born individuals and business owners, we started to build a well-rounded understanding of the unique needs of individuals and businesses on their journey to the US. We learned about the initial obstacles they faced and their ongoing experiences while trying to settle into their new “home”. This is why PondLeap has been created and will continue to develop to fit the needs of our Leapers. We aim to provide the content, resources, and community all in one place, to aid others in their journeys over their respective ponds and beyond.

Welcome Home.

About Us

Our People

James McGuinness

Founder & CEO

I am a proud British expat, living in the Chicago suburbs with my wife, daughter and 2 dogs. I have 16 years of sales & sales leadership experience at companies from IBM & LinkedIn to start-ups in hyper-growth mode. My biggest strength is being able to recognize the most valuable skills in others and help them capitalize on that. In turn, this has helped my companies find tangible results. If I could do anything, I would be a professional author. A bit obsessed with English football and chocolate and have a huge fear of losing my British accent.

Jamie Weinstein McGuiness

Founder & Chief Revenue Officer

I am a Mom to a beautiful toddler, and a lifelong salesperson (even while negotiating with said toddler). I obtained a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Denver in 2007. My first role out of grad school was in direct sales - where I truly earned my stripes. I have had leadership roles; but have spent most of my 12 years of sales experience as an individual contributor at IBM & LinkedIn. I have stepped out of the corporate world the last 3 years to run our household & am excited to get back to work on PondLeap - as I believe there is huge value in our services & I'm hoping we can show others what that means for them! On a personal note, I am a live music junkie and consider Pearl Jam to be my religion.

Christina Sterzel

Chief Operations Officer

I am a Chicagoan who has recently relocated to Long Beach, CA after one too many midwest winters. I started my career in public accounting and obtained my CPA, only to later realize that business operations and people development was my true passion. After a year long trip around the world to regroup, I’ve since shifted my focus to consulting, supporting, and growing small businesses and their owners as they navigate the waters of entrepreneurship. I also do some personal development coaching and teach yoga on the side. My position at PondLeap has me focused on developing and scaling our diverse network of freelance sales professionals.
About Us

Our Partners